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Meal Planner, your ultimate tool for crafting personalized meal plans with precision and ease. Whether pursuing fitness goals, adhering to dietary restrictions, or organizing your weekly meals, our planner is here to guide you. Streamline your meal prep, ensure balanced nutrition, and enjoy the satisfaction of well-planned, delicious meals every day. Dive in and take control of your diet, one meal at a time!

Meal Planner

Plan Name: Assign a descriptive, unique name to your meal plan. This acts as an identifier, aiding in easy recognition and selection from a list of generated plans.

Date: Set the starting date of your meal plan.

Keep Meal Plan Private: This premium feature allows you to make your meal plan accessible only to yourself. By enabling it, you ensure complete privacy; no other user can view your personalized meal plan. It's an ideal choice for those who prefer keeping their dietary preferences and plans confidential.

NOTE: Rest assured, your personal information remains confidential. When sharing meal plans publicly, all personal data is anonymized. For instance, if your age is 32, it will be displayed as a range (e.g., 30-35) to other users. Additionally, identifiable details such as your username and email are never disclosed.

Consider Macronutrients in Meal Plan: When this setting is active, the Meal Planner meticulously aligns your meal plan with specific macronutrient ratios. It's particularly beneficial if you're adhering to a diet with precise macronutrient requirements, like Keto, which predominantly focuses on fats. Enabling this option ensures that only diet-compliant items are included in your plan, influencing both the suggestions you receive and the autofill items. Conversely, deactivating it allows for a more generalized meal planning approach, where calorie counts and macro proportions are not the primary focus.

Load Data from Existing Plans: This powerful feature gives you the ability to seamlessly import preferences and details from your existing meal plans. Whether you need to carry over your preferred settings, like meal times and privacy preferences, or the specific meal items — recipes, foods, or products — this tool ensures a smooth transition. Use it to maintain consistency across plans or to kickstart a new plan with tried-and-true components. By selecting the aspects you want to import, you can either mirror the structure of a previous plan or infuse it with new ideas while keeping the foundation intact. This not only saves time but also allows you to build upon previous meal planning efforts.

Load data from existing plans
  • Use Forbidden Foods from Profile: Integrates your 'forbidden' food preferences from your profile into the meal plan. Foods you prefer to avoid are automatically excluded from your meal plans.
  • Use Conditions from Profile: Tailors your meal plans to accommodate any dietary restrictions or health conditions you have specified in your profile, ensuring they align with your health needs.
  • Use Allergens from Profile: Considers your food allergies, as listed in your profile, to avoid including allergenic ingredients in your meal plans, ensuring your safety.
  • Use Goals from Profile: Aligns the meal plans with your dietary goals (e.g., weight loss, muscle gain) as specified in your profile, supporting your health and wellness objectives.
  • Apply Standard Eating Type to the Meal Plan: Allows you to apply your standard eating preferences, such as vegetarian or keto, to the meal plans. Each checkbox corresponds to a different eating style, ensuring the meals match your dietary pattern.
For any changes to these preferences, visit your Profile Settings.
Follow these steps to select labels that accurately describe your meal plan:
  1. Select Category from the Dropdown Menu: Begin by choosing a broad category that best fits your meal plan. This could be based on the type of diet, main ingredient, cuisine, or any other general classification.
  2. Pick Accurate Subcategories: After selecting a main category, refine your plan by checking off relevant subcategories. These subcategories provide more specific details about your meal plan, such as particular ingredients, cooking methods, or nutritional aspects. This step helps in tailoring the meal plan to meet your precise requirements.
Calorie Daily Intake & Meal Customization

The proportions you set for your macronutrients (carbs, fats, and proteins) play a crucial role in personalizing your meal plan experience.

Integrated Application: These macro proportions are not just numbers; they actively influence the suggestions and items we autofill in your meal plan. Whether you're choosing a diet preset or adjusting the macros manually, these settings ensure that each meal aligns with your dietary preferences and goals.

Our system intelligently utilizes these proportions to craft suggestions, assist in autofilling items, and meticulously assign appropriate items to each meal slot. This comprehensive integration guarantees that your meal plan is not only nutritionally balanced but also tailored to your unique dietary requirements.

Personal Health Metrics & BMR Calculation

Your age, activity level, gender, weight, and height are pivotal in customizing your meal plan. These parameters are utilized to accurately calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

Understanding BMR: BMR represents the number of calories your body requires to maintain basic physiological functions at rest. It's the foundational metric for determining your daily calorie needs, ensuring that your meal plan aligns with your body's energy requirements.

By keeping your profile updated, our system can generate a more precise and effective meal plan, tailored to your unique metabolic rate and lifestyle needs.

To update or review your personal information, please visit your Profile Settings.
Calorie Daily Intake

XX kcal

XX g


XX g




* your guideline daily amount

Customize Your Meal Plan

Show Full Meal Schedule: This feature unlocks complete control over your meal plan, enabling you to add or modify meals, set their times, and manage macronutrients.

Number of days: Define the duration of your meal plan to fit your lifestyle and goals.

Number of meals per day: Tailor the frequency of your meals to suit your dietary habits, which can be adjusted anytime for flexibility.

First Daily Eating Time: Schedule the start of your daily nourishment according to your routine.

Last Daily Eating Time: Set the time for your final meal of the day, ensuring you end your daily intake on your terms.

Daily Nutritional Goals

Daily Nutritional Reference Values Per Meal: This insightful table presents a breakdown of the ideal caloric and macronutrient intake tailored to your personal goals and meal frequency.

Each value is calculated based on your Nutritional Goal settings and illustrates the average macro consumption recommended per meal. Changes to your meal schedule will dynamically adjust these figures, offering a personalized guide to support your health journey.

Daily Nutritional Reference Values Per Meal

XX kcal

XX g

XX g

XX g

* your daily reference values based on the number of meals

Adding Meal Items

Type keywords in the Search Bar to find and add grocery items, recipes, and foods to your meal plan.

Pantry Manager: Use the Pantry Items feature to add items directly from your stocked pantry.

Health Diary: Enable Import Foods/Recipes from Health Diary to include items you've previously tracked in your diet.

Suggestions: Utilize the Suggest feature for personalized item recommendations or the Autofill option to automatically populate your meal list.

Refresh your item suggestions to discover new matches that fit your dietary preferences with just one click over the icon .

Meal List Management

Remove items or adjust quantities and macronutrients directly from your meal list. Premium users can edit macronutrient values for greater customization.

Compatibility Checks: Verify that your meal items are in line with your dietary needs by activating categories like Conditions, Allergies, Diet, and more.

Enable the Goals category in your Dietary Settings for AI-driven compatibility checks.

Use Pantry Items
Preparing suggestions... Please, be patient... It could take a few minutes... Just a moment, gathering data... Thanks for your patience!
You have added 0 items . You need to add 9 more items to fill out all meals for 3 days.
Item Quantity Carbs Fats Protein Calories
Check for compatibility with:

Select a category to check if your items are compatible with your settings such as conditions, allergies, diet, etc.

Preparing compatibility table...... Please, be patient... It could take a few minutes... Just a moment, gathering data... Thanks for your patience!
Customize Your Plan

Review Your Meals: Ready to perfect your meal plan? Just hit the Review your meals button to begin the customization process. This is where your meal plan takes shape—meal by meal, day by day.

Within the customization area, you’ll have the ability to:

  • Assign Meals: Select from your pre-added meal items to schedule them into your plan.
  • Edit: Adjust meal quantities or swap items as needed to tailor your plan to your exact preferences and nutritional needs.
  • Organize: Drag and drop to re-order meals, ensuring your plan flows exactly how you want it—from the first bite to the last.

Once you're satisfied with the setup, you can save your personalized meal plan, ready to guide you through each day towards your dietary goals.

1 Remove icon 2 Add icon 3 Re-Assign icon


Features and Access

Features Guest CURRENT Member Subscribed
Max labels
Max allowed selected labels
1 2 10
Max Meal Plan Requests
Maximum number of meal plans that can be generated per day
1 2 10
Max Days
Maximum number of days you can plan meals for
3 7 14
Advanced Meal Planning
Enable to customize days, meal types, and other specifics for your meal plan
Integrate Health Diary with Meal Planning
Allows the extraction of foods, products, and recipes from your Health Diary directly into your meal plans.
Private Meal Plan
Enable to keep your meal plan private.
Load Data from Existing Plans
Easily transfer settings and meal items from your previously crafted meal plans into your current plan with a simple selection.
Personalized Meal Item Suggestions
Discover recipes, grocery items, and foods that align with your dietary preferences.
One-Click Meal Autofill
Automatically populates your meal list with items that closely match your dietary preferences.
Intelligent Compatibility Checks
Activate intelligent compatibility assessments for your items, ensuring they align with your personal dietary preferences and health requirements.
5 25

How to use Meal Planner - Step by Step

Step 1
Set Your Preferences

Begin by selecting your desired diet, caloric intake, and macronutrient distribution in the 'Nutritional Goals' section. This will tailor the Meal Planner to your unique needs.

Step 2
Customize Your Schedule

Choose how many meals you'd like each day and set your preferred eating times to create a personalized meal schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Step 3
Add Meal Items

Use the search bar to find and add foods, recipes, or grocery items to your meal items list. You can also import from your 'Health Diary' or use 'Pantry Items' for a seamless process.

Step 4
Review and Adjust

Examine your planned meals, making adjustments to quantities and macronutrients as needed. Ensure each meal aligns with your dietary goals for the best results.

Step 5
Compatibility Check

Utilize the 'Check for compatibility' function to ensure your selected items align with any specific dietary needs, such as allergies or health conditions.

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