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Your personalized hub for daily, weekly, and monthly tips tailored just for you. Leveraging insights from your Health Diary, we curate suggestions that align with your unique goals, needs and preferences. Dive in and discover advice designed to enhance your well-being!

Recommendations Center


  • In Manual mode, you'll have to manually generate the recommendations.

  • You need to log at least 5 diary entries in the last 24 hours to get access.



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Features and Access

Features Guest CURRENT Member Subscribed
Daily Personalized Recommendations
Receive tailored daily recommendations.
2 10+
Weekly Personalized Recommendations
Benefit from a comprehensive weekly overview of personalized advice.
Monthly Personalized Recommendations
Get a monthly roadmap of recommendations, personalized for your well-being.
Email Notification Alerts
Stay informed with timely email notifications packed with valuable recommendations.
Data Export Duration
Duration to filter and export your data.
7 30
PDF Downloads
Conveniently download and share your recommendations in a professional PDF format.
PNG Downloads
Capture and share your recommendations with a crisp PNG image.
Automatic Recommendation Generation
Enjoy hands-free recommendations, automatically generated at predefined times.
Focused Recommendations
Refine your recommendations by honing in on specific areas, ensuring they align more closely with your needs and goals.

How to use Recommendations Center - Step by Step

Step 1
Log Activities

Start by logging meals and activities in the Health Diary, setting the foundation for personalized recommendations.

Step 2
Update Profile

Please log in to update your profile settings.

Step 3
Set Preferences

Opt for Automatic or Manual Mode in the settings and define your recommendation focus to align with your needs.

Step 4
Export Insights

Use filters to narrow down recommendations and export them in PDF or PNG format for your convenience.

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