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Pick Up Ingredients for Your Recipes
  1. Add Ingredients: Easily add grocery items or foods to your recipe. Simply type in the search bar to find and select the ingredients you need.
  2. Use Pantry Items: By checking the "Use Pantry Items" option, you can discover and incorporate items already available in your pantry into your recipes.
  3. Quantity Adjustment: As a Subscribed user, you have the flexibility to change the quantity of each selected ingredient, tailoring the recipe to your specific needs. This feature is particularly helpful if you have less of a certain ingredient than the recipe requires. It allows you to adjust the recipe quantities accordingly, ensuring you can still make the dish with the ingredients at hand. This customization not only accommodates your personal preferences but also helps in efficiently utilizing your available stock, reducing waste and the need for extra shopping trips.
  4. Smart Build: Activate the "Smart Build" feature by sliding the checkbox. This expands the number of ingredients, offering creative ideas for recipes based on the ingredients you've started with. It's an ideal option for when you're looking for inspiration or want to experiment with new combinations. Subscribed users can select fewer ingredients (even just one) to generate recipe ideas. This feature allows you to explore a wide range of recipes based on a single ingredient or a limited selection, perfect for when you want to focus on specific flavors or have limited resources.
  5. Image-Based Ingredient Extraction: With our innovative image extraction feature, you can easily upload photos of your pantry or fridge items and have the system automatically identify and list the ingredients for you. This tool simplifies the process of entering ingredients manually, making it faster and more efficient to plan your meals. To ensure the best performance and compatibility, please note the following file requirements:
    • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, webp, heic.
    • Maximum file size: 2MB per image.
    • Ensure objects in the image are clear, unblurred, and displayed at their full size for accurate recognition.
    This feature is designed to help you quickly capture and utilize what you already have at home, reducing waste and saving time. Subscribed users can take full advantage of this feature, streamlining the meal planning process even further.

Pick Up Ingredients

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Select Labels for Your Recipe
  1. Choose a Category: Start by selecting a category from the dropdown menu. Categories help to refine the labels relevant to your recipe.
  2. Apply Labels: After selecting a category, choose from a list of related labels. These labels provide specific details about your recipe, such as the cooking method used, dietary restrictions, nutritional content, and more.
  3. Access-Level Restrictions: Depending on your account access, the number of labels you can apply may vary. Subscribed users can access an expanded range of labels, allowing for more detailed and targeted recipe categorization. Users with other access levels may have a limited number of labels they can apply.

* Make sure to select the most relevant labels to effectively categorize and describe your recipe. This helps others find your recipe and understand its key characteristics.

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Features and Access

Features Guest CURRENT Member Subscribed
Max Requests
Allowed requests per day
1 2 100
Min Ingredients
Min required selected ingredients
5 3 1
Max labels
Max allowed selected labels
1 2 20
Extend Ingredient Details
Add Quantity of the Ingredients
Smart Build Mode
Auto-expand the number of ingredients.
Extract Ingredients From Images
Automatically identifies and records ingredients from images of your refrigerator contents.
Daily Image Uploads for Ingredient Extraction
Enables daily automatic identification and recording of ingredients from images of your refrigerator contents.

How to use Recipe Builder - Step by Step

Step 1
Itemize Your Ingredients

Snap a photo of your fridge or pantry items or type in your ingredients. Our system will cleverly identify and list them.

Step 2
Explore Categories

Select the category that matches your culinary mood. Find a vast array of options to satiate your taste buds and cravings.

Step 3
Enable Smart Build

Activate Smart Build for an adventurous recipe. Diversify your ingredients, explore new flavors, and elevate your culinary experience.

Step 4
Pass the Human Test

Complete the captcha to confirm you're human. This ensures a secure and reliable user experience for everyone.

Step 5
Generate Your Recipe

With all steps complete, hit "Generate Recipe". Sit back as we blend your inputs into a recipe, perfect just for you!

Step 6
Enjoy Your Recipe!

The best part is here: cook and savor your unique recipe. Happy cooking, and relish your delicious creation!

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